Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Tree is Up!

Footstep of Christmas is getting closer, every time this year we will setup the Christmas tree at home and keep it lighted until new year. Recent years, I have my little boy to help up and it had became a fun activity for mommy and son. Ethan was so excited when I told him we're setting up the Christmas tree tonight. He took his shower and ate his dinner in record time.

Here's my Superboy, busy posing with his tree.
My Superboy with the Christmas Tree
Ethan said he will hang the Spiderman balls, made me wonder what are those until I saw these printed balls. They do look like Spiderman's suit. :)
"Spiderman" Balls according to Ethan :)

Big Guy had the honor of putting up the golden star on top of the tree, easy job for him. I added a little Santa on top, doesn't it reminds you of King Kong on the Empire State Building? :)
Santa occupied the Christmas tree

Mighty King Kong atop Empire State Building  :)

It was a fun 1 hour "playtime" for us, baby Claire included as she was busy pulling the low hanging balls and laughing hilariously with the ball in her hand.. Now I have to look for soft decorative balls that would not break, any suggestion where to get them?

I added this Santa family deco later, simply love them..
Santa Family Decoration

What's the fun of setting up a Christmas tree without any gifts? So I placed the pre-wrapped gifts underneath, and Ethan immediately put some of his toys there to display too.. :)
Some pressie and toys underneath our Christmas tree

If you too would like to setup a Christmas tree at home, I got my artificial tree and assorted decorative balls from IKEA store. It can be disassembled into 3 pieces for easy storage. Bought it 5 years ago and still in good condition, so I would say it's of pretty good quality. Well, must why just provide the link here huh.. here you go, IKEA holiday decoration catalog, hope you find something you like for your Christmas tree!

OK, that's all folks. Happy Holiday!

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