Saturday, January 12, 2013

Birthday Special: Baking Together - Little Pirates Cake! 一起来做生日蛋 糕

Ever since I started exploring fondant cake decoration 2 months ago, I got really fascinated and will try to start a tradition by baking a special designed cake for my little ones for every birthday, until they decide that they had enough or my idea run dry (hopefully not so soon :)

As we are celebrating Ethan's birthday tomorrow, I started baking the cake today. Just in case I flopped still have time to order a backup cake from nearby bakery. But I'm glad it turned out well... *relief*

Allow me to present to you... Our Little Pirates on Treasure Island Cake

My little captain helped me throughout the whole process without me asking. The moment he saw me took out the scale and flour out onto kitchen top, he took his kiddie-size whisker and offered to help. And I must say he did a good job. :)

All ingredients and tools for the cake decoration were nicely arranged before we began. I also got ready hand towels and kitchen tissues so can clean our hands easily. My little boy happily took my seat.

Ethan learnt to crack the eggs for the first time. Succeeded on 2nd try!

He then helped to add orange rinds into the batter and squeezed the orange too. Seemed like he really enjoyed helping in the kitchen.

We continued decorating the cake hours later, as we took a break for lunch and did some party grocery shopping. He offered to help with decorating as well, and chipped in a lot of ideas, eg to make a gold color treasure chest (which i filled up with lots of M&Ms later), made me a giant blue candy (loaded onto the ship) and made a green sea monster (but it was too ugly that I didn't add that onto the cake, oops..)

Ethan was busy rolling the fondant and flattening it. I took this opportunity to teach him the color theory. Mix blue with yellow to get green; mix red wit green to get brown... He was so amazed and called it magic :)

Here's the cake again under the yellow lighting effect. Honestly I quite like this cake, it may be simple but full of love.

This was my initial designs for the cake, supposed to be a 2 layer cakes but since I was short of self rising floor I had to make last minute change to the design to suit a single layer cake. The little pirates candles and little decorative trees I bought few months back came in just handy. :)

Anyway, to cut the story short, we both had fun baking and decorating the cake together while baby Claire watched on in her high chair next to us or playing with her toys on the floor. At the same time, I managed to save a few hundred bucks on buying a store make fondant decorated cake. So I am definitely going to continue baking!

Next I shall post about the party decoration for my Little Captain's big day, so do stay tuned.

I had my first birthday party only when I was 18, I just wish with a little effort, my little ones will have great memories of their childhood and of course, birthdays. :)

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