Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Quick Little Girl Cheongsam (the cheating way!) 快速小女孩旗袍 (走捷 径)

Did I mentioned I was on a mission to make Chinese New Year clothing for my baby girl? Well, instead of making a new cheongsam from scratch, I found a plain looking round neck English dress in her wardrobe, bought by grandma sometimes back and never worn. Looking at the flowery patterns in pink, I thought this could be transformed into cheongsam, the cheating way.

This was how I did it.

What you need:
  • A Sewing machine, or needle and thread in matching color
  • An existing round neck dress
  • 1 pack of Bias tape in matching color (available in most tailoring supply shop, or you can make your own)
  • 6-8 floral pattern buttons
  • Some sewing pins

1. I drew a sketch of the desired design and started working on it by pinning bias tape onto the dress according to the design. Played around with the look and feel until I was finally satisfied.

2. Sewn both side of the bias tape onto the dress, be careful not to sew over the pin as you may risk breaking the needle. I added some tiny roses as decorative buttons, you can opt to use matching buttons too.

3. I then added 2 layers of the bias tape around the edge of the dress for a complete look. I also hemmed the dress to make it shorter so more convenient for my baby girl who had just learnt to walk and often roam around like a drunk driver.

Little Girl Cheongsam (the shortcut way)

Ta-Da! There you go, an adorable cheongsam for the coming CNY ready in just 3 simple steps... Even grandma was impressed with the altered result, couldn't believe this was the same dress she bought, so it's a success after all.. :)

If you have any enquiries, feel free to drop a comment or send me a picture of the cheongsam you have made using this method.. Alternatively, you may upload direct to the FunWithLittleOnes's Facebook page to share with others. :)


我知道我说过今年不打算裁制小孩旗袍,但当我在衣橱里找到妹妹的这件崭新的小花裙子时,觉得是时候给她穿上,毕竟是嬷嬷买给她的。只是当初还小不合身, 现在妹妹可是又高又大,刚好合身了

我左看右看,总觉得裙子设计太单调了,穿了没什么看头。所以动了动脑筋,决定着手把它改装成西式旗袍。看,效果蛮不错吧?连嬷嬷也差点忍不住这是她当初买的那件裙子。 :)


  • 一台缝纫机,或针线
  • 一件圆领小裙
  • 一包同色斜裁条子 (一般裁缝供应店均有售,自制也可)
  • 6-8 颗花型纽扣
  • 两打大头针

1. 策划你的设计大纲,然后就照着设计构图把bias tape 用大头针扣在裙子上。

2. 用针车或针线把bias tape 两面缝好,再缝上一对对的钮扣仿旗袍设计。我正巧有小粉红花朵,用来做装饰钮扣正合适。

3. 如果要达到更佳的效果,在裙角也车上一层(或双层)的同色斜裁条子。裙角如太长的话就乘机把它裁短, 好方便学习步行中的小女孩。


如果你也参考以上程序来制作西式旗袍的话,请给我来封电邮附上照片,或上载到FunWithLittleOnes 的面子书,我会在此与大家分享。

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