Friday, January 11, 2013

Little Captain's Birthday Hat 自制小船长帽子

My little boy is turning 4, he is so looking forward to become a bigger boy, so is mommy :)

Look what I've made for him, a Captain Ethan's hat, designed according to my little customer's request - blue base with bright yellow stars.

I used the blue stripes fabric for internal lining for extra comfort and durability, so the hat is now ready for reversible wear.

My little captain absolutely loving his new hat, yay.. Can't wait for his birthday party tomorrow!

Interested to make one too? It's too easy to have a tutorial for this, basically just to assemble all 3 layers of fabric / interfacing / felt together and sew them on at the edge. The picture below says it all :)

Once done, just use a hair clip to clip both edges to form a hat, and it's ready to for your little captain; alternatively, sew on a layer of Velcro on both end and ready to wear on (I obviously took the short cut ;).

Happy Crafting!

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