Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mommy-and-Mini-Me set: Spring Blossom Tops 锦绣花开新年衣裳

*this is my first bilingual post.

As Chinese New Year is approaching, I had planned to make some CNY dresses for baby C and myself, save me from shopping frenzy at the overly crowded malls and besides, I have lots of fabrics that I wanted to explore. :)

I was thinking to make cheongsam at first, but after some researching I dropped that idea, I couldn't decide on a design that is suitable for a sewing newbie like me and besides, grandma had bought baby C a few cheongsam so no point making extra. Must why hold that thought till next year :)

So, I made these instead. Spring blossom blouse for both mommy and my Mini-Me.

Baby C's top has a butterfly sleeve top with an opening in the front. I added a tiny ribbon to compliment the feminine look.

The back of the blouse.

Mommy has a top with elastic waist band, as the fabric is rather flowery I thought I should keep to a simple design.

A close up on the fabric.I just love the spring blossom print on this fabric... Such a sweet color combination. Set me into the right mood for this festive season

I refer to this site on tutorial to make the ruffled butterfly sleeves. I didn't use the pattern thou, just used an existing top as reference.

So look forward to wear this blouse with my Mini-Me. Hmm.. Perhaps I shall make her a matching hair clip to complete the look. Until then, ciao!


这一套PH妈妈和迷你我诞生啦,还不错吧? (自夸,嘿嘿)

妹妹的上衣有对小蝴蝶衣袖,再加个小小蝴蝶结,希望让她看起来像只可爱小蝴蝶在人群中飞舞。 时间允许的话我会做一个发夹来配搭,那将会是景上添花吧?


我很喜欢这匹布的颜色和设计,配搭的真美,我为它起名 "锦绣花开布",正好衬托这个春节的喜洋洋气氛。




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