Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Inspire A Young Reader

Some of the book collections for Ethan at 3yo

I love reading when I was a kid and I still enjoy reading my book till today. However, being a mommy of two, finding time to read my own favorite book is a real luxury, especially when there are other things that I want to do after I put the duo to bed. I actually spend more time reading with my LO is not be a bad thing after all.

Personally, I think reading is a habit that should be fostered young. Once Little One masters the reading skill, the ability to absorb new information and knowledge will advance at a faster pace too.

As parents, it is important for us to guide little ones in picking the right reading materials according to their age and ability until they are able to make their own decision.

Here are some different types of books I bought for Ethan over the time.

Story books with pictorial content and interesting story lines are suitable for bedtime and reading time where mommy or papa can read for LOs. Read aloud with exciting tones to get LOs engaged with the story. As they grew, guide them to read to you.
Story books with pictorial content are ideal for bedtime reading

Sing-along books are fun for bedtime and playtime, we would sing a few songs together, or take turn to sing different lines. Once LO has advance reading skill, let him sing you to sleep instead ;)
Sing-along books are another option for bedtime reading

Books for character building, example, guiding LOs to love school, to follow a bedtime routine, to love his siblings etc. Make use of these books to get LOs ready when you intend to start a new routine. For example, I started reading this book on "Things I Love About School" after he rejected attending preschool.. Reading how the little bunny enjoy the activities at school helped to convince him that school is a fun place to learn and make new friends.
Books for Character Building

Books for Basic. When LO is around 1 year old onwards, books that teach the basic are more suitable, e.g shapes, colors, numbers, family. These are basic words that are used in everyday's life so it is essential for LO to start with these basic words. Get thick foam books or soft cover books that cannot be easily torn apart by your LO.
Books for starters

Phonic Reading. Books that encourage learning of specific sound using simple Phonic-base text, examples 'Ted In a Red Bed', 'Shark In The Park', Clifford the Big Red Dog series. Personally I like the Usborne Children book series as each of the books have a little yellow duck hidden in each page, so when my boy not in the mood for reading I used the duck hunt game to wake his interest. :)

picture will be uploaded later.

Structured Learning. Some books are designed to guide LO to learn in a structured manner, eg story book that starts with first 100 words, first 200 words, so on so forth and aided by flash cards, CDd etc to reinforce learning. Examples are Peter and Jane by Penguin Publisher, or this early mandarine reader series by local publisher, Odonata (红蜻蜓出版社). I read the same book to LO during bedtime and rotate different book few nights later. Ethan's ability to recognize the words improved vastly. Check out similar series from Popular book store or online at www.Odonata.com.my for more info (just to clarify, I do not earn any referral fee :)
Early Reader Series for preschooler, coupled with flashcards

Books for Young Babies. Young babies are usually attracted to pictorial books that are colorful and with pop ups, cut out shapes or sound effect. I read these books to my duo when they are under 1 yo to introduce reading and encourage them to flip the pages. Baby Claire loves to press the button for sounds and she was fond of the pop up pages. When reading to young babies, it's important to read in excited tones to keep them attracted.
Pop up Peekaboo Meoh by Dorling Kindersley Limited

Reading need not be confined to books. Consider introducing newspapers or magazines to your LOs. I started word hunt game with Ethan on newspaper after he was able to recognize simple words like "happy", "star", "Sunday", "friends" etc, he was really proud when he realized he can read like us adult.

Word Hunts on Newspaper / Magazines

Stick Cardboards on simple fun learning, body parts etc around common corners in the house, I put up words cardboard in the living hall, on the back of his cot.. Encourage anytime anywhere reading.
Reading via Cardboard

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