Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Paper Cut - Little Bunnies

I am sure most of us had done paper cutting as part our school art project back in our younger days, there are a couples of the special ones that I remember, like making face mask (I stuck feathers on mine to make it a red Indian mask and that got me a star), water color stamping with vegetables (lady's finger made really nice pattern) and some others that I can still vividly recall.

Amongst all, paper cut of little people is one of them that I remember making. So I attempted a few little bunnies cut out with my boy and we had good fun coloring the bunnies together.

Here are the steps in pictures. All you need are some scrap papers, a pair of scissor and some color pencils. With the same concept, you can make paper cut of Mickeys, trees, apples and little people too (or anything else of symmetrical shape)

1. Cut out a long rectangular strip from scrapped paper or clean white sheet. Here, I recycled the color palette from Ethan's water painting sheet.

2. Fold them like a fan, with equal width.

3. Outline the shape of your cutting using a pencil. Make sure the connecting point (in this case, the hands and legs) touches the edge.

4. Cut out according to your outline.

5. Tag dah, it's done! Easy bitsy...

6. On the plain white side, decorate the paper cut using yours or little one's imagination..

Psss.. With a little modification, you can changed the bunny to little mickeys too ;)

This activity is suitable for preschooler who is starting to learn coloring or constantly exploring colors and paper cutting skills.

Safety Precaution:
Be careful when allowing young toddlers to use scissor, must make it clear to him/her that scissor is allowed only under your supervision. Use only scissor with round tip or in my case, I bought a pair of stationery scissor with plastic blades and round tip for my little boy to do his artwork.

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