Monday, August 6, 2012

Making A Toy Snake

Ever since attending preschool, my little boy had developed great interest in artwork, especially using of tools like scissor, glue, color pencils etc. I decided to enrich his experience in handling these tools by letting him to get his hands on some artwork over the weekend. So, we've created this Christmas Toy Snake together. It's so simple but yet it got him so happy, he started "feeding" the snake all possible food, from balls to cars to little puppets. After awhile, the snake became my baby C's wrestling toy, so looks like both LOs had fun with this handmade toy that cost me nothing :)

Christmas Snake attacking the truck! (with a smile :)

What you need:
1. 4 Toilet paper cores - to build the body
2. Used wrapping papers - to wrap the cores for patterns on the body
3. Glue and scissor
4. Marker pen - to draw the eyes
5. Threads - to stitch the "body" together.

How LO benefited from this activity?

  • Encourage creativity. I let my boy decides the snake's facial expression. He put on the smiley face :)
  • Cutting and pasting, this builds fine motor skills. I let him helped with cutting, putting the glue for body and tongue. However since stitching is rather challenging for a 3 yo, I did that myself.
  • Build patience, as he need to follow step by step instructions to complete this assignment.

1. Remember to collect some toilet paper cores or milk cartons, they may come handy when you want to make some artwork at home, especially on a rainy day.
2. Scissor may be dangerous for young toddler, so make sure you supervise you LOs closely.

Ethan feeding his truck to the snake

These are all the tools you need to make a toy snake. Knife is optional (could have used a punctual to make holes).

Baby Claire wrestling with the Christmas Snake, poor little snake, she had no chance to survive :)

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