Sunday, August 19, 2012

Building A Bedtime Routine

One of Ethan's Favourite bedtime story books

Do you face difficulty putting your LO to sleep? I used to fear bedtime as it took me at least an hour to let Ethan settled down, by the time he finally fell asleep I was tired like a dead wood. However, now that I have established a bedtime routine with him that works, bedtime is so much enjoyable.

How does bedtime routine helps? Firstly, it helps to put LO into a calming mood and send a signal to their brains that it's time to rest. Besides, it also helps LO build up a habit such as cleaning up, changing to pajamas and brushing teeth before going to bed.

Here's the bedtime routine that I have developed for my Ethan and baby Claire. Not exactly the conventional type that most parents will agree, but I find that it works for us and I can put the duo to sleep within 30 minutes while enjoying some private mommy and child moment together.

I have made the 3 steps bedtime routine very clear to Ethan and he knows it by heart. This is how it works:

Step 1 - Brush your teeth!
Step 2 - Read a book!
Step 3 - Tuck into your blanket, close your eyes and sleep!

You probably wonder why the use of all asterisk, "!"? Well, that's because we always say these 3 steps in very passionate manner, just like Disney Junior's series, Special Agent OSO who always completes a 3 steps mission without failing. :)

After brushing teeth, I let Ethan picks a book or 2 he feels like reading for the night from the bookshelves and we'll read together. If Baby Claire is still awake, I'll let her lie next to me, give her a pacifier, a handkerchief, and she will listen to the story quietly. Most of the time she enjoys it and will fall asleep without much fuss (of course I must make sure she has a full stomach before hand)

Often, keeping the room dim with only bedside lamps turned on and playing of soft classical music help to set the LOs into sleeping mood too.

However, days where Ethan is extremely energetic and requires longer time to settle down, I'll pull out my iPad. Not to play a game, but to watch some music video on YouTube. That usually work for both of them and I think it's wonderful to fall asleep listening to some soft and beautiful music. Ethan has learnt a couple of lyrics from these YouTube videos too and it touches my heart when he sang me "Your Raise Me Up" in his kiddie tone with a serious look.

Here are some of the music videos we enjoyed listening together.

The Piano Guys
All time favorite for Ethan and me, this talented duo from Utah play wonderful music with their cello and piano in the most amazing way.

Twinkle Lullaby (Twinkle Little Star)

Me and My Cello - Happy Together

A Thousand Years

Where Are You Christmas

Beethoven's 5 Secrets

More Than Words

Super Simple Learning
Nice children songs with interesting animations.

Little Snowflake

Twinkle Little Star

Hickory Dickory Dock

Row Row Row Your Boat

The Eensey Weensey Spider

Other beautiful collections

Josh Groban: You Raise Me Up

Westlife: You Raise Me Up

Spirited Away: Always With Me

This Little Cardboard Box Boy is just so cute.. We enjoyed watching & listening to these together..

Just A Dream

Kiss The Rain

A Note To Parents
Like most parents, I do not like my LOs to spend too much time on iPhone, iPad or whatever PS games. Thats why I have been trying to inspire my little boy to join me for arts and craft, sports, reading etc just to divert his attention onto these physical activities instead of having his eyes fixated on the screen.

However, I understand iPad is inevitable since everyone in my family has one, and with right usage/Apps, it can be a good tool for LO to learn new things too. So I do allow Ethan to play but only within the time frame allowed. I'll tell him up front that only 30 minutes allowed and once time's up (I set an alarm), he will have to stop playing. Usually 5 minutes before time's up I'll give him a reminder, so when alarm rings he'll return the iPad to me willingly. So, iPad is not too all bad after all. :)

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