Thursday, August 16, 2012

Building Blocks

Blocks is one of Ethan's all time favorite games. We introduced wooden blocks to Ethan when he was 1 year old. At 6 months old we let him played with plastic cube toys by stacking them up (Fisher Price has some really good range of stacking toys). Once confirmed he is able to do stacking and without throwing the blocks around, we let him start with wooden block building.

Ethan built a cage for his doggie and taking crocodile for a ride :)

Why we like block game?

  • It encourages creativity and allow LO to challenge himself to build something new each time.

  • Encourages concentration. Some kids have short attention span so parents may play along and give praises to LO for the effort.

  • Builds confident as LO feels good when he managed to build some new structures, especially a tall tower, without falling apart.

  • Helps to improve eye hand coordination especially in younger children.

  • Besides, this a game that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. So when LO is focused on the blocks you can take a short break.

    Instead of you storing the blocks after playing, train LO to tidy up his own toys each time. This habit shall be cultivated since young or it may be too late when your kiddo starts taking you (or your helper) for granted.

    Ethan trying to build a tall tower

    Train Ethan to keep the blocks into the train carriage after playing while mommy watching on :)

    Ethan built a double storey house, a condo and a tall office block

    He then expended the blocks to include trees and slides for his doggy :)

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