Friday, August 31, 2012

Sewing Project B: Simple Pants for My Little Boy

Finally, I have completed the first pants for my little boy! I certainly hope he will like this. As I was making the pants he had asked me twice if he can wear his new pants already :)

Here's the outcome, looking neat?

It's a simple cutting, really. However being a newbie I made too many mistakes so there were many redos. I guess the one thing I did well is that all lines are straight and are properly aligned. *phew*

This is the pants I used as reference, I extended the length to be slightly below his knees.

I used elastic band with adjustable button holes for the waist band, so as Ethan grows I just have to re-buckle accordingly. Love this design, in fact I would think that all kids wear should adopt this concept as little fellas really grow too fast..

Now that I have learnt how to make this pants, I shall make a few more with different design variations. I just can't wait!

Ethan loving his new pants.. In fact, he was so proud of it that he requested if he can wear it to sleep for the night. *happy*

Interested to try this out yourself? Just visit this site for the step by step guide.

Or this

Happy sewing :)

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