Monday, August 20, 2012

Go, Baby Go! 宝贝加油!

Baby Claire learnt to crawl when she was 8 months old. Well, she started crawling in reverse direction at 7.5 months old but that would not quite count, would it? :)

Although she is pretty good at crawling now, she still preferred to be carried most of the time. With her L size weight, carrying her for even just 10 minutes can be quite a hefty chore. So, one way to make her want to crawl is to attract her with somethings interesting, where sometimes she will charge towards the object at surprising speed and I could not even stop her in time..

Curious baby Claire at 8 month 3 weeks old

Here are some of the toys that I used to encourage her to crawl. All you need is something noisy or rattling toys that can roll fast, baby will get all excited over them. Most importantly, ensure there is no tiny / sharp objects on the floor or within baby's reachable height, even a small wrapper can be a chocking hazard, so do inspect the surrounding.

Baby Claire chasing after a bottle of beans

Some of Claire's crawling buddies

We got this Go Baby Go ball for Ethan when he was 6mo and he loved to chase after this noisy music ball, now this ball was passed on to baby Claire and she enjoyed pulling it too.
Go Baby Go ball by Fisher Price, a noisy music ball that will attempt to roll away whenever senses a touch

Tips for DIY Toy
Red beans in a clear plastic container is a cheap and quick DIY toy. It can also be used to teach baby the concept of inside and outside (for safety reason, replace the beans with a ping pong ball or bigger objects that won't cause to chocking)

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