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Kid Talk with Little One 童言童语

I love the private chat time with Ethan, he often surprised me with some unexpected answers that made me wonder where he learn to think or speak that way. I'm sure all parents have such moments too, I just want to record some of these conversation as they bring happy memories.

Mother & Son
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This post will be constantly updated with the interesting conversations with my 3yo Ethan. Updated with latest posting on top.

Adaptive Problem Solving
Right before bedtime, I was spending sometimes with my duo in their room and was stealing sometime to chat with friends.

Ethan: mommy, i want Neng Neng (milk).
Me: Hmm.. (Eyes on screen)

Ethan: mommy, i want Neng Neng please..
Me: OK.. (Eyes still on screen)

After a few minutes.
Ethan: mommy, my heart is no good.
Me: Huh? Why? (Looked up finally)

Ethan: Its beating very fast..
Me: how could that be? (Starting to feel concerned)
Ethan: because I don't get to drink my Neng Neng Lo...
Me: OK, Neng Neng right away!

It's amazing to see my little boy being so creative and adaptive in handling the situation. Can't decide I should feel happy or worry with such creative mind...

The Sweetest Words
Bedtime, my eyes were half closed. Little Ethan suddenly whispered to me in his sleepy tone,

"Good night, my beautiful mommy".
He then turned over and fell asleep.
Aww, how he made my day, I was in cloud nine for quite a long while. :)

Animals that Live in The Farm
Was singing a song about animal that lives on the farm with Ethan..

E: "You are my chicken"
Me: "you are my cow"
E: "you are my rooster"
Me: "you are my duckling..."

He corrected me.. "No! duckling lives in the bath tub!"

What a typical city kid.. He was referring to his bath time duckling. *speechless*

Sharing is Caring
Baby Claire was making fuss during car ride. Ethan pulled out a quarter of his chocolate pancake and passed to baby, "nah, Mei Mei, you can have this".

I like that sharing spirit..

Don't be scared, I am here
Baby Claire was woke up by the thunder while taking her nap, crying. After calming her down I went to get her a long sleeve shirt.

When back in the room, I saw Ethan in the room, hugging his little sister and telling her "不用怕怕,哥哥在" (don't be scared, I'm here).

I was so touched.. Despite they always fight for toys, he still remember he has to protect his Mei Mei.

When I'm 18
Having our usually mommy-son conversation while on our way home after work.

Ethan: mommy, when I'm 18 years old I can drive a car hoh?

Me: Yes, you can. But do you have enough money to buy a car then?

Ethan: hmm... Don't need money. I can drive your car, and you can sit at the back.

Pretty smart answer I must say, lol.

Chit Chat Time 2
Chatting with Ethan again while on the way home.

Me: when you want to cut your hair, you go to hair saloon. When you want to buy a book?

Ethan: go to book shop!

Me: good. When you want to have some fun?

Ethan: I go to the playground! (luckily he didn't answered iPad..)

Me: when mommy wants to drink coffee? (I was expecting him to say coffee shop...)

Ethan: we... go... to... Coffee Bean!

Lol, I must have been going CB too often :)

Chit Chat Time
Chatting with Ethan while on the way home..

Me: when you want to eat something, you go to restaurant.. When you want to wee wee?
Ethan: go to toilet!

Me: yes. When you need petrol?
Ethan: go to petrol station.

Me: good. Want to watch a movie?
E: go to cinema!

Me: want to sleep?
Ethan: go to our house! (not bad...)

Me: want to eat ice cream?
Ethan: go to ice scream shop!

Me: want to buy a toy?
Ethan: go to Toy 'R Us!

Haha, he is definitely a loyal Toy 'R Us supporter! :)




Lullaby Time
I was trying to get baby Claire to sleep while Ethan asked for his milk.

He offered, "mommy, I can sing the song for Mei Mei, now can you please make a milk for me?".

So I left the baby and him in the room while I stepped outside to make the milk. As I was preparing, I heard him singing..

"Rock-a-by baby, on the tree top,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall,
But baby won't come down, coz Ethan is here"

He changed my modified lullaby song by replacing 'mommy' with 'Ethan' and he sang the song repetitively until i got back into the room. What a sweet brother he is... :)

It's OK
Was sharing a hash brown with Ethan this morning and I accidentally dropped a piece on the floor.

He quickly got down his chair, came over to me, hugged me and told me this:

"Mommy, it's ok." Looked over to his daddy.

"See, daddy is not angry with you. Don't worry ok?"

He then gave me an assuring look and went back to his seat.

Hub and I looked at each other, didn't know what to say but just laughed. I love my little boy, really.

Caterpillar Talk
I was chatting with Ethan while waiting for my coffee for take away.

Ethan: Mommy, the caterpillar loves to eat yellow leaves!
Me: Are you sure it's not green leaves?
Ethan: No, it's yellow leaves!
Me: I see. What about Ethan? Does Ethan's likes to eat green or yellow leaves?
Ethan: hmmm... I like vegetables (with a grin on his face)

Haha, and I though I can trick him!

My Little Bodyguard
Late night shopping with my little boy after work.

Seeing me with 3 bags of groceries, he asked "mommy, can I help?" So he did, carried a bag of fruits.

He then walked with me, operated the lift, put the bag into boot and opened the car door for me.

Daddy, waited in the car, asked "did you protected mommy?". He replied, "ya, I am double super strong boy!", while showing off his arm muscles like a Mr Universe.

LOL. How can I not feel proud of him huh?

Morning Call Again
Sunday. Was trying to catch an afternoon nap after baby fell asleep, Ethan came to me.

Ethan: "Mommy, you cannot sleep now."
Then he pulled the curtain,
"Look, it's day time, the sun so bright!"
Me: "..."

He sounded just like me when I wake him up every weekday morning... What goes around, comes around! :)






I Can Do This
Little Ethan and I were in the living hall while baby started crying in the room upstair. As my hands were dusty I went into washroom to wash up before attending to her.

Then I saw my little boy dashing upstair while saying: "It's OK mommy, I can do this!"

Not sure what exactly he meant, I quickly wiped my hands and rushed up the stairs too.

I was so surprised with what I saw - he was pouring water from the glass jug into baby's milk bottle, cap opened. and he told me "Mommy, its OK, I am making milk for mei mei".

He was barely 3 years old... I was really touched by his strong sense of responsibility at such young age. :)

Because You Are Pretty
Little Ethan stared at me as I was brushing my hair.

Me: Baby, why are you staring at mommy like that?
Ethan: because you are pretty, you know?

LOL, I didn't expect him to say that! he sure knows how to make a girl happy... Then again, I'm sure all mommies are fairest in the LO's eyes until they enter teenage stage and their hormones kicks in..

Morning Call
Woke up by 2 pretentious birds this morning (Little Ethan's hands)..

Bird 1: hello mommy, I love you!
Bird 2: Hi mommy, I kiss you ah.. (kiss pretendedly)
Bird 1: mommy, look! I bring you papaya. It's so sweet.. (Eat pretendedly)
Bird 2: mommy, I buy you lemon, wait huh, I squeeze lemon juice for you (squeezed pretendedly)
Me: Thanks birdies, mommy must get ready for work now.
Ethan: wait mommy, I massage for you. (5 seconds back massage)
Ethan: OK already. You feel better?

Of course i feel great! I thoroughly enjoyed this"priority service"... Although it's mostly pretentious :)

Ethan's Bedtime Prayer
"Dear Lord, Jesus, happy new year and happy valentines day. We got heart in the house, and peacock, muffin, pao. I played in grandma house today, I didn't cry, but Mei Mei cried in the room, then she quiet already. Thank you Jesus. Amen"

I just love his prayer. Simple and sweet.

*note: heart, peacock and pau were his artwork :)

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